Post has been posted with permission from One Beautiful Life Recently on Facebook, I asked if the “simplified life” was just an unattainable myth for parents of school-aged children. The reason I put it that way was because I have been remembering the days when my children were smaller and we lived a “simple life”. We had few commitments; I […]

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Girls School Emergency Kit


Last school year my oldest daughter started middle school. Crazy, really! During the process of school supply buying, I had this idea. It is a brilliant idea really, that she should have an emergency kit for her school bag. Every girl should have one! What should the emergency kit include? For ours we included: Kleenex Lip Chap Hair Elastics Band […]

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School Hair Craze


Our middle daughter can be best described as Quirky. She has a personality like no other, she says things that others would only think and as she gets older, I don’t think its going to change. She will be our “fun-loving-don’t-care-what-you-think-just-want-to-make-people-laugh” girl! She comes out with some pretty wild things at times. Her clothing, hair, and nails reflect her personality, […]

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