Crayon Lamps


One of the things on my Pinterest to make bucket list, was these DIY Crayon Lanterns from BabyFirstTV. You can get full instructions here.

I made them yesterday with my child care children. They look amazing! The pictures don’t do them justice, you really should make them. They turned out GREAT! I have placed them on my kitchen table as a cool candle for supper time 🙂


Here’s a few notes from when I made them. It works way better with a small group of older children. I had a group of six, 5 of them under 5. Yeah, what could go wrong there. An iron, hot glue, Popsicle sticks. Simple right?! HA!

In the moment of making them when it was becoming incredibly overwhelming, my own 3 year old got burnt with the glue gun. MOM FAIL! That was horrible, awful, didn’t think it through. Horrific! blog4

Wax Paper when ironed sticks to tables! Remember that!

Even with all the troubles we had, we had a blast. The children loved shaving the crayons and mixing the colors of them together. Watching the crayons melt was “pretty cool” to them 🙂

I like them! I would do it again with bigger children. They were totally worth the 10 crazy minutes of stress and anxiety!


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