Hair Update September


It’s September 30!

September flew by!

It’s Gone.

At the beginning of September, I told you about how our middle daughter and I set a goal to have a different hair every single day for this school year. Yeah! Not sure who thought that one up but thank goodness for Pinterest and YouTube.

We pulled off September, everyday was different. BUT I think we used up most of the simple styles. Oooops!

There was 17 school days this month, today is a no school day! I only got 7 pictures, I missed 10 days. I could have swore that I missed 2 or 3, but apparently it was 10. So the days that I missed pictures must of been the simple days. There was a day were she wore her hair down with bangs tied back, a day she wore it half up/half down, a day with simple low pig tails. One day I cheated, the day after she wore the net looking style. She didn’t take out before bed, so I just took half it out and let it down. There was a half up braid with the rest down, a simple pony tail, and she wore it all down with a clip. That’s 17! Wow! Pictures I took are below.

Next month there is 19 school days (I think). I will try my hardest to get 19 pictures! She is enjoying her different hair everyday. She is also loving watching YouTube to pick out her own styles. I think she dreams it some nights because she has a wild idea in the morning.



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