I am Gluten Free!

I am Gluten Free.

Yes I am.

Did you groan and roll your eyes?

Did you say “Oh someone else who is falling for it!”

Did you laugh?

I am going to say it again.


I have been gluten free since December! I have had stomach and food issues forever. My doctor suggested that I take away gluten, another idea in our quest to figure it out.

BUT it WORKED! I am supposed to start reintroducing it to see if it makes me feel sick, NO THANK YOU!  I feel good, why bother. My life is just fine without it. Eating out can be a struggle but I am okay with that.

Groaning and Rolling your eyes about me being gluten free. I am  groaning and rolling my eyes back at you. That’s the kind of negativity, I don’t want in my life!!



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