My Thoughts for Today!

I wrote a post the other day about how I am constantly sabotaging myself and how every time something gets going good, we have to mess it up. On this post I received a comment about Gratitude and being Grateful.

Oh Boy! So I am very disconnected from emotions, especially my own. Most times I have a heard a time understanding what I am feeling, let alone trying to say it. In my life I learned the easiest way to deal with emotions/feelings was to disconnect from it, it made my life manageable. Everything has always been negative and I have always been on the defensive. I cringe every time I speak with something that I haven’t spoken to in 15 years, I am different now. As the years have gone by and I am growing, I am learning about emotions/feelings and dealing with history. It is hard to be 32 years old and have to look up what Gratitude means, yes I did that. In the definition of gratitude were more words I had to look up. Feelings/Emotions= a struggle for me.

I met a group of amazing women some years back who have unknowing helped me grow. Helped me to identify emotions that I didn’t know even existed. The children I have had the pleasure of spending my days with have shown me emotions/feelings that were new to me. I have grown so, so much in the last 10 years or so

In my growth I have learned but still have more to learn. I have spent a lot of time looking up gratitude in the last week, how to feel it, and it opened up a lot of other emotions/feelings.  There are a lot of amazing websites and ideas out there about Gratitude and Gratefulness, I found two ideas that I really like and am going to put into practice.


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