Coat Hooks


I have, or rather my husband, has added some much needed Coat hooks into our basement entry way. I say it a lot but he is a very clever man who is so good at making nothing into something. I know these coat hooks are super simple but still, he’s a genius.

He has been making a playhouse out of Pallets, it has been a year long process that is still in the works. We are trying to make it out of all recycled materials, so it is taking time to collect them.


For the coat racks that he made, he used the pieces of the pallet that he couldn’t use on his recycled house. These pieces of wood are the pieces that are on the sides of the pallet, each pallet has two of them. They hold boards on the top and bottom. I am hoping that makes sense!  He added three coat hooks, that we purchased at the dollar store, to each piece of wood. He made and put up three of these coat hooks.

Vary Simple, Very Cheap, Very Effective


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