Let’s talk about this! Self-Sabotage? Its my thing, my husbands thing, our thing. It is something we talk about often.

What do we mean when we refer to Self-Sabotage? Our definition of this is: Our life is going great we are getting our ducks in a row, we are healthy, we are getting fit, our bills are paid, our jobs are going well, we are succeeding in our minds, in life. And then BAM! Our minds like freak out, oh shit we can’t be happy, that’s not how its supposed to go. So we start eating crap food, we get lazy, lets go shopping instead of paying our bills, we are supposed to fail. We are supposed to be miserable. Every. Stinking. Time!

We have this vicious cycle, it’s insane. We don’t know why. But something, something in our minds, something in our life seems to tell us that our lives are supposed to be like this. We are supposed to be miserable and unhappy. But What? Why? Why can’t we seem to get past it? Why are we afraid of succeeding? What has happened in our lives to cause this?

I kid you not, our conversations usually center around the same four things and how we are going to change these aspects of our lives. We make plans, we set goals, they are attainable and reasonable. Sometimes there is no follow through with our plans and sometimes there is but still, still we get going and doing well. Then BAM! The end. Time to fail. Why are we so afraid of being successful?! Why are we afraid of happiness?!

How do people set their goals and make them work? Am I the only one who sabotages them self? (Well other then my husband)






  • You’re definitely the only one. I’ve found, oddly enough, that a gratitude journal has helped a lot. It’s amazing what happens in our lives when we take moments to be grateful…then when things go well, you’re just grateful and accept them instead of constantly asking why. Just a thought…

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