Crap! Pinterest


So this is a laughable post!

I seen this super cute leaf mason jars on Pinterest. They are gorgeous! Link is available here.leaf1

So I set out to make these jars. My daughter and I picked up the materials at the craft store. We decided to use glass cups instead of mason jars, it was more cost effective for us.

So we sat at our kitchen table with our cups, fake plastic leafs, and our homemade mod podge. Things got interesting from here. We followed instructions and put our mod podge on the cups, then we stuck our fake leaves on. AND then they fell off. So we tried again and then again, and then one more time. We tried with more mod podge, we tried a different cup with less, we tried another cup and then let it dry. Yep, you guessed it, it didn’t work. So we decided to get real leaves. So at 830 AM in our pjs we walked down the road, while the buses were driving by and picked up leaves. A funny sight I sure!


We brought our real leaves home and tried again. No damn way would it work! So we laughed and poured glue all over the cups and just stuck the damn leaves on as best we could. They look like something, lol! Nothing at all like the picture on pinterest!leaf2

However my little one is very proud of them. She was so excited to tell her Dad what we had made. They are on my table on the table runner next to the flowers. I put flameless candles in them. We use them we eat supper at the table, they put off an interesting glow.

I have been taught Process over Product! In this case that is so true. One day we will look back and laugh about the time we tried to glue leaves to a damn cup!


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