School Hair Craze


Our middle daughter can be best described as Quirky. She has a personality like no other, she says things that others would only think and as she gets older, I don’t think its going to change. She will be our “fun-loving-don’t-care-what-you-think-just-want-to-make-people-laugh” girl! She comes out with some pretty wild things at times.

Her clothing, hair, and nails reflect her personality, she is allowed to choose what she wants with a few guidelines. I suspect as she gets older we will be in for a real treat! Over the summer months, her and I talked a bit about the upcoming school year, all the things that we would do, what may change, and so on. One of the things we decided was that during the school year she would go to school every single day with a different hair style.

Now just in case you didn’t catch that, She will go to school every day with a different hairstyle. That is about 197 days, give or take a couple. Yep, just under 200 hair dos, this should be fun! What kind of idea is this!?!

Today was the first day of school! I have been mentally preparing myself for all these different hair styles. She came downstairs this morning to get her hair done and.. before I go on I should tell you that I told her, that for the first couple of days I wanted her to have “cute” hairstyles. She told me that she would like her first day style to be a french braid. Okay, easy enough, ha! I did the braid, took the braid out to redo it, and she said to me “How many days to I have to have “cute” hair before we can go crazy?!” Say What! In the moment, I was like oh what the hell. Her first day of school style was something, she looked like she had 2 horns on her head. I put in two high pigtails and braided them, then wrapped them up, so that they would stand up on her head. (Pictures are below). Yes, this was her idea and hair style of choice.

Can not wait to see how the other 190 some hair styles look! What was I thinking?! Will keep you guys updated on the styles.

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