I am becoming my Husband!


I am turning into my Husband! Yes, that’s right I said it, plain out right admitted it for the world to see. And no, that does mean I am becoming a bald, bearded, smelly man. Nope not at all, I would almost rather that, but after 12 years of marriage his jokes are funny and now….now I am saying things like he would say.  Seriously, what is happening to me?!

You may say, Miranda is it really that bad. Yes, yes it is that bad. Husband aka Donkey has the driest, most smart assed, groan worthy humour EVER! We are talking about a man who when he drives past a hay field, yells Hay! And I LAUGH, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Let’s get to the bottom of the nickname Donkey. Well, Husband is an ass or can be an ass, I can say this because he is proud of it. Because I didn’t want my children to call their father an ass, I started to call him donkey. See the connection? However, our children are clever little people, and one day while we were at a farm walking around, the donkeys went crazy when they spotted him (us). They were making so much noise. Our middle daughter  yells out, “Daddy, your families calling you home”. Yeah! That happened!

Now that we have that cleared up, back to the topic.

Me turning into my husband. Now I have always been sarcastic and maybe even, a little mean. My face gives everything away, EVERYTHING! But now, now I am making jokes like he does, and that isn’t the worse part. I think I am FUNNY! He rolls his eyes and groans at my jokes, oh my maybe he’s becoming me.

This is an episode in my life just so you can understand:

We were driving in our van and he said something “smart”, I rolled my eyes and said “you can’t see me roll my eyes, I have sunglasses on” ….
And the oh so wonderful Husband replied with “No but I felt the van shake!!”

I am like, dying on the inside right now writing this. I am thinking of jokes in my head and laughing because I think I am funny.  My absolute favorite right now is this; there is a cow pasture and in that cow pasture is maybe 4 cows and 1 donkey. Every time I drive by this cow pasture, I say “There really is an ass in every crowd!” Bahahahahahaha! I can’t even help myself, every freaking time. Now seriously, how many of you rolled your eyes? I, on the other hand, am having a laughing fit.

I have heard that after you have been with someone for a long time you start to act like them. But why, why the sense of humor. Why couldn’t his ability of being so chill have rubbed off on me? Why not his ability to make things, without planning first?

Here’s one more for you: He put the garbage outside on the deck one night and it was ripped apart the next morning and I was MAD and I sent him an angry text. “Love how you get to walk past the garbage. I have to stop and clean it up” ….. His response: “I was hungry, found a few scraps, sorry for the mess”

Urgh! That man! But now his humor, is my humor!

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  • I believe we start to assimilate some of the other person’s humour. It’s only natural after you live with someone so long. How wonderful that you can make each other laugh!

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