Dresser Upcycle


I have what I consider to be an awful entry way, it is small and narrow. Its not really what I consider to be “workable”.  I have changed this spot around so many times and have tried so many different organization tricks. They have all failed!

I got this idea to get a dresser and turn it into a storage center for our entry way. I went looking for a long dresser and was able to find one on a Facebook site that is for selling used stuff.  We brought it home and I went to work on making it what I wanted it to be.


Used dresser that I purchased. Prior to its make over


Another picture of dresser before its make over

For its makeover, I took out the drawers and took the hardware off them. I lightly sanded the dresser and the few drawers that I wanted to use. Once they were sanded and wiped, I painted them a nice grey color. I used paint that I had left over from when I painted a room in my house, it was a money saving measure, I also painted the top two rows of drawers the grey color. Before I painted the drawers, I took the hardware off them. I cleaned up the hardware and spray painted them black. When I purchased the dresser it was missing hardware on one of the drawers, when I put the hardware back onto the drawers I left the middle one without a knob. I found a knob for the drawer in old Granddad Hume’s toolbox, it doesn’t match the others but that is okay, it has history. I decided not to the bottom drawers back and instead covered the bottom of it with contact paper. My plan was to use the drawers for things like hats/mittens/helmets, and then to use the bottom row that is covered with contact paper for shoes/sandals/footwear.

I love how it looks in my entry way! I have had it there for a couple months and so far it is working out perfectly. We will put it to the test over the winter when we have to bring out all the extra clothing.


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