Life, Slow it Down!


Did your Grandmother ever tell you that she wished time would slow down? Did she ever say “Enjoy them while they are little, it doesn’t last long”? Did you ever look at her and say “you crazy old” lady, the days go by so slowly.

Do you remember when you were young and couldn’t wait to be big? Couldn’t wait to go to Middle School? Couldn’t wait to have a boyfriend? Couldn’t wait to be 16 and drive a car? Couldn’t wait to graduate high school? Couldn’t wait to go to college? Couldn’t wait to grow up? Couldn’t wait to get married? Couldn’t wait to be an adult?

What the hell were we thinking?!?! Why are we always wishing our lives way? Why can’t we just live in the moment and enjoy what is going on around us. Here we are at the end of the Summer, in 2 days the kids will be in school, and my house will be quieter. Where did the 2 months go? What did we do? Did we enjoy our time? I am going to miss them each day.

Here it is September 5 and I keep seeing Christmas posts and how close Christmas is. Last post I seen it was about 115 days away. Urgh! Why, oh why, are we wishing our lives away? Our children’s life’s away? Are our lives so dull and boring that we always need to be wishing for the next big thing. We need to learn to enjoy the moments and be in the moment. Like when you are coloring with your child you are there, but are you really there or, is your mind wishing the time away or thinking about what is going to happen next.

As I get older I see what my Grandmother was talking about. It seems like each year gets shorter and goes by so much faster. I swear sometimes what feels like a day has actually been a week. I swear to you I thought it was just June last week!

We need to slow down. Breathe. Live in the day. Be present in the Moment. Enjoy our life. Stop wishing it away. Stop wishing for the next stage, the next big milestone.

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