Mom’s Command Center

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I like to try and be organized. Key word being try, I am not always successful. I have a lot of commitments, my children have even more. Trying to balance everything is at the best of times hard.

I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to think of the best way to make a Moms Command Center in our kitchen. Yes, weeks of trying to figure out what I wanted. I looked at Pinterest and searched google but didn’t really see a lot that made me excited. It gave me ideas but that really only added to my uncertainty. Yesterday, I made a decision! My decision was simple, really simple. Over the years I have bought so many items to help get myself organized like planner pages, calendars, binders, paper, paper, and more paper. I dug out those calendars, paper, and planner pages, I decided that they would be my command center. Not knowing how it would be used, it was a much smarter decision to use what I had in my house. Rather then go buy more stuff and make a super pretty, fancy command center that may in the end not be functional for what I need it for.

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I taped and tacked the papers to the wall and added a hook for a resusable bag.  That reusuable bag holds our budget, extra pages for the wall, pens, tape, etc. On the wall I have a calendar to write appointments and stuff on that are in the future, there is a more detailed weekly planner page, a list of blog post ideas, a blank paper to “dump off” any information that I need to, our family weekly meals, and a spot for my 30 day challenges. I added a “Bee Happy” picture just for a little fun. We have a bee thing in our house.

I am going to try my super simple command center to see how it works and make any changes that I need to as I go. After a while I may change it to make it prettier but for now, I will do it this way. It Works!

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