Daddy Daughter Date Day


Daddy Daughter Date Day!

It’s a thing in our house and a very important part of our life. The husband and I are raising 3 daughters and while we joke about them never dating until they are 35, lets face it, that’s not going to happen. Case in Point, I am 32 years old, have been married for 12 years and have 3 children.

Why is Daddy Daughter Date Day so important to us? There are so many reasons.

Reason #1- Our girls get to spend time with just their Father. Sometimes its one girl, sometimes two, and sometimes all 3. They get to know him, bond with him, spend time with him, its distraction free time (No cells, No TV) , and they do fun things (Often times stuff Mom wouldn’t let them do, but that is a whole different story). We think it is so important for them to know their Father!

Reason #2- They learn how a boy is supposed treat a girl. While they see the interactions between their parents daily and how Dad treats Mom , it is nice for them to get to play the role of the girl on occasion. They go to lunch, to the movies, the park, etc. They need to learn that a man and women need to respect one another and we think this is a great way to show that to them.

Reason #3- When they return home they are always so excited to tell Mom all they have done and how much fun has been had. This is my favorite part. It is also never about how much they got, how much was spent on them but about what they did, what they seen, and the fun. To me this is amazing, to me this means we have done something right. They are learning that while gifts and a little spoiling is okay, it is not the most important part.

Reason #4- I just learned this one while talking to my husband about writing this blog post. Our oldest is 12 and you know that means: MIDDLE SCHOOL. Which means dances, peer pressure, and boys. They are comfortable to talk to him and ask him questions they don’t want to ask me or if they want to get a “boys” view on the question. Amazing! Just Amazing! I love that they have this kind of relationship.

Reason #5- This one is a little selfish! I get some me time. Enough Said!

Reason #6- They love their Dad and he works a lot. Long hours each day and in the daily grind of life we sometimes forget that we need to foster this relationship and help it to grow. We have decided to make these “dates” monthly occurrences.

Reason #7- He loves it too! He is a proud Dad. Doing stuff and hanging out with his girls makes him happy.

Reason #8- MEMORIES! For both Dad and Daughters.

I know that I have forgot some of my reasons as I was writing this post, I can’t type as fast I can think and have the memory of a Mom with 3 children 🙂

Most of all, of all the reasons, I am just so happy that our children are able to have a good relationship with their Dad. They are very special little humans 🙂

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