Pancake Bites


I was wondering around Pinterest last week and stumbled across this Pin for Blueberry Pancake Bites. I am thinking this women is a genius and I immediately Pinned it to my Food Board. I am thinking this is a great idea for school lunch boxes,it can be such a challenge to fill those school lunch boxes. They would also be a great lunch side or snack for my childcare children.

On Tuesday this past week I decided to try my own luck and make some of these Pancake Bites for my children and my child care children. What a hit they were, and in a house full of children when they like something they eat it ALOT and OFTEN. They have gone in school lunches for the second day and there is a large container full in the fridge waiting to be eaten.

I will say I cheated a bit or maybe a lot! I didn’t make my own pancake batter which would have been a better option, maybe I will try that next time, instead I used the premixed box pancake mix that you add water too. When I made them on Tuesday I made them with Blueberries, and then when I made them again on Wednesday I made them with chocolate chips and just plain. I must also admit that I have a cake pop maker and I cooked them in it, what a wonderful invention it is, very quick and simple. Quick and Simple are just what I like!

My children have eaten a ton of them! I think it will become a lunch box staple paired with a couple slices of ham and some syrup for dipping. I wish I could try them but I have yet to try or even look for a gluten free variety of pancake.

My children and I thank you for such a wonderful idea!

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