BackYard Fun!



Who doesn’t love a reusable, upcycled item?! Especially one that can be used to create hours of fun.

I have been working super hard to create an amazing outdoor backyard for my children and the children I care for.  I am trying to do it by spending very little to no money, this is the goal that I have set for myself.

I was given some giant tractor tires to use to create my space. AMAZINGGG!! I quickly decided that one tire would become a giant mud pit, which has been used faithfully daily since I opened it up. I have added in some old baking pans, which now are used to create mud pies and mud cup cakes. So much fun! I used 2 other tires to be a climbing/tunnel type activity. I dug 2 deep holes to sit them in and then buried the bottom part of the tire. The children have been using them as part of an obstacle course, something to climb, something to sit on/jump off of/jump over, and so many other ways. Crazy to think it’s really just a tire.


I have sooooo many ideas for our outdoor space, outside is my favorite place to be. I can’t wait to share some of my other plans.

Do you have a favorite outdoor space/activity?

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