Family Activities

12079118_10208803724032756_3167749999939551338_nChristmas of 2014 we made up a 12 month of activities calendar to do with our children. It was a great idea, each month we had an activity planned that we were going to do. You can read about it here. It was well thought out, well planned, well put together, a great idea, and it FAILED! It didn’t just fail, it FAILED! The girls got the 12 envelopes, we opened and did January, and then February, and then like a New Years Resolution it ended. We thought about them a couple times throughout the year but we never looked at them again. I found the envelopes shoved in a corner after Christmas this year when I was cleaning up Christmas stuff. Sad, really! Such good intentions. We did look through the envelopes and we had done most of the activities through out the year just not when we had thought we would do them.

We took a different approach to it this year because well, we didn’t want that to happen again. 2 fails in a row, you must learn from your mistakes. I found a Minion photo box and grabbed paper and markers, then one night after supper we said down together and talked. All 5 of us. We talked about different ideas of things that we could do focusing on things that are free/cheap, because really that trip to Disneyland is just not in the budget. We threw our  ideas into the box and when we are looking for something to do we have the option to pick something out of the box. A nifty idea and will work better for our “don’t make plans, fly by the seat of your pants” lifestyle.

Some of the ideas that were suggested:

  1. Beach trips
  2. Camping
  3. Walking the local trails
  4. Zoo
  5. Clay Painting
  6. Swimming at the local Pool
  7. Snowshoeing
  8. Sledding
  9. Overnight at a hotel
  10. Sleepovers with friends
  11. Campfires
  12. Skating
  13. Museum
  14. Art Gallery
  15. Discovery Centre
  16. Movie Night
  17. Sea Glass Looking
  18. Hiking trails
  19. Water balloon fights
  20.  Make crafts together
  21. Go to movies
  22. Go bowling

Lots and lots of different ideas.  This is a much better idea for us then having a specific activity written down for each month.



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