Sea Glass Hunting!


We have a new interest in our house, Sea Glass!

We have been “seeing/hearing” people talk about it on Facebook for a while. We are always seeing pictures and it looks awesome, the thoughts of searching the beaches for it really appeals to my husband. He is a crazy rock collector, as in he always has a couple “awesome looking” rocks in his pockets. (They are awesome until they hit my washing machine). It has rubbed off on our children, their pockets are also always full of “awesome looking” rocks. So when I suggested that we go looking for sea glass, he was all like “You want to go to the beach to pick up stuff!”. He is pumped to be going to the beach to pick up stuff. I must say our children are equally excited.

We live in Nova Scotia so finding a beach to search is a piece of cake. We have decided this year that we will visit as many beaches as we can, husband says at least 12 and I say maybe even more.

We went out today to Harbourville, a small fishing village located on the shoreline of the Bay of Fundy in Kings County, NS. We were only able to spend about an hour looking because the tide was coming in and that Bay of Fundy water was angry, nobody wants to get caught in that. We found our very first piece of beach glass there today and a new hobby was born. We found a few pieces of clear and green plus a beautiful piece of blue. I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but for the time being I will store it in a container to look until I figure it out.

I have searched several websites to find out about sea glass, what it is, the rarity of some colors, and lots of other interesting information. I am rather amazed with it.

I can’t wait until we go on our next adventure to look for more. I will share with you all when we do.

Here is another picture from today. There is a couple of non sea glass things in there as well. The girls have a thing for pretty things.



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