The Story of the Christmas Potato. Pt3

*** This is a 3 part story on my blog. You can find part one of the story here and part 2 of the story here. The story continues below***


Christmas 2013 the year the Christmas potato really begun and the first year our daughter received a potato in her stocking. Christmas day our daughter emptied her stocking and there was a potato, her reaction will never be forgotten. Her eyes went so wide when she seen it inside, it was a look of confusion and concern. We asked her “What’s in there?”. She threw the potato to the floor and she screamed and I mean she screamed. She could in no way understand why she had gotten a potato in her stocking.  She told everyone for weeks about how she had gotten a potato for Christmas from Santa, like her Daddy had so many years before.

We move forward to Christmas 2014, it was uneventful year but as Christmas grew closer the memory of the potato returned.  Our daughter wished that she wouldn’t get a potato for Christmas, she laughed about it each time she said it. Christmas morning in her stocking was a potato and in her Daddy’s stocking was a potato. They laughed so hard at how foolish Santa was for giving them potatoes. We found her potato weeks later in the back of the refrigerator.  She had taken it and put it in an empty margarine container, then put it in the fridge for safe keeping.

Fast Forward to Christmas 2015, a more eventful year and again as Christmas approached the thoughts and talk of the Christmas Potato returned. But this year it took a bit of a different turn. She kept saying “Santa better not leave me a potato this year!!” and “I hope I don’t get a potato for Christmas”. Her peers and teachers were asking her, what she was talking about. So she explained it to them and they laughed at how silly it was. Christmas Eve she kept the Santa talk going about how she had better not get a potato this year. Christmas morning arrived and it was AWESOME! Santa usually leaves stockings under the Christmas tree in each child’s room, they are allowed to open the stockings without the parents awake. It gives us and extra hour to sleep. Anyhow, when she woke up and looked under her tree, there was a big 10 pound bag of potatoes. I heard her when she got up and when she seen those potatoes she squealed and I heard a “What?!?” . She picked up the potatoes and came running in our room “DADDY, DADDY. SANTA LEFT ME A BIG BAG OF POTATOES!!” She was laughing and said “What am I supposed to do with all these potatoes?”. I told her we could make French fries, she loved the idea and we made French fries for supper a couple days later.

I am curious to know what will happen when Christmas 2016 rolls around. I suspect our younger daughter will also be on the Christmas by then. We shall see how our Christmas Potato story continues.

I hope you enjoyed our true life Christmas Potato story!

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