The Story of the Christmas Potato. Part2

***This is a 3 part story on my blog, you can find part one here. You can find the second part of the story below***

Our Christmas potato story continues with a bit of a twist. The child care workers weren’t the only ones our daughter told the potato story too! She shared it with anyone who would listen. One day we went shopping, we dropped Daddy off at Canadian Tire, and she and I went to Sobeys.When we got to Sobeys I visited the customer service desk and standing near to there was a security guard. While I was talking to customer service, our daughter spoke with the security guard. He was an older gentleman, who listened very intently to everything she was saying. He asked her questions and she answered. I had no idea what they talked about other then he smiled and laughed at what she said. She and I continued on our shopping, we didn’t get far when Daddy joined us. When Daddy joined us the security guard came over to him and said “I hear you got a potato in your stocking when you were a little fella.” I tell you I will never ever forget the look on my husband’s face, it was a mix of surprise and terror.  My husband had no idea that our daughter had just had an engaging conversation with the security guard and it had apparently been about the Christmas potato and her Daddy.  My husband being the man that he is, asked that security guard if he was one of Santa’s elves.  The security guard laughed and explained how our daughter had just told him the story of the “Christmas potato”.  Whenever we went to Sobeys he would always laugh and smile when he seen us. He became well known to us and joked around with my husband a lot about the potato and the story our daughter shared with him.


***This is a 3 part story on my blog. Please check back tomorrow for part 3***

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