The Story of the Christmas Potato

Way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth a little boy received a potato in his Christmas stocking. Okay so it was about 1984 (he thinks) and the boy was my husband, Stephen. Little did he or his parents know how that one little potato would affect our current day life.

Christmas of 2013, our little girl was just over 4.5 years old when the potato first reappeared.  Our daughter was visiting her Grandmother and was playing in a bag of potatoes while Grandmother cooked potatoes for supper. Husband went to pick her up on his way home from work, when he saw her playing in the potatoes he told her how it reminded him of how that one Christmas he had gotten a potato in his stocking. They went home and went about their lives but our little 4.5 year old daughter did not forget what her Father told her about the potato.

A few weeks later, I dropped our little girl off at Preschool and went to work. When I went to pick up our daughter that day I was greeted by a couple child care workers who had a funny story to share with me. They had a hard time telling me the story through their laughter about the “Christmas Potato”. During circle time that day, our daughter shared with her peers all about her Daddy’s potato and how Santa had put it in his stocking on Christmas.  Also during art that day, they made Christmas cards and hers featured a potato.  The child care workers I am sure will never forget the story! That is the day that our story became referred to as “Christmas Potato”

***This will be a 3 part series on my blog. Please check back tomorrow for the 2nd part of our Christmas Potato story***

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