Gluten No More

Had a visit to the doctor this morning, well it was actually my husband’s appointment but I went for you know, moral support.  We discussed his concerns with the doctor and then my concerns with my well- being. After a brief discussion it was decided that I should try a Gluten- Free diet. I have thought for a while that I should consider a gluten free diet but have never taken the initiative to do it on my own. Having the doctor saying to give it a try makes it different for me, more of an “it really could be a problem”.  I have had these issues for a long, long time and we just can’t seem to figure out what it is, so I am curious to see if this will help.

I am sitting on the fence with the idea of being gluten free. In some ways yes it would be great; maybe I could finally feel better. In another way, gluten free is expensive.  Not that I want to put a price tag on my health and well- being but I am.

I have spent the morning researching and trying to figure out my “plan of action”.  It is incredibly overwhelming, there is just so much. So much information, so many can’t haves, so many.  So far I’ve got a whole lot of nothing other than an overwhelming feeling and a whole lot of anxiety.

I went through our kitchen cupboards, fridge, and freezer. There is not a whole lot that I can eat in there which means I need a plan quickly. All I can think of right now is all my favorites that I can’t have. It is depressing!

Here is what I have decided. I am going to take the meals we currently eat that are gluten free and make them our main meals for the first week. With the exception of a pasta dish, gluten free pasta is relatively inexpensive.  I don’t want to jump in with both feet and start baking and buying a whole lot of stuff. It is just too many changes at one time for me, I can’t cope with that.  The one thing I am thinking that will be really hard is breakfast, everything single breakfast item that I enjoy is not gluten free.

This is a new challenge that I was not anticipating on having right now but it is a challenge that I can take on. I must keep reminding myself that many people are indeed gluten free and seem to be doing ok. For me it may not be a permanent change, only time will tell.

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