Dear husband,

When I met you you took me for all that I was,
A girl whose aroma stenched of a broken spirited bitch,
Somewhere along my journey through life I had lost my way,
My spirit had left my body and was left wandering around elsewhere.
You saw me and still managed to find me beautiful,
And you made me feel beautiful.
You helped my spirit find its way home.
Your smile, your words, always making me laugh..
I tried to push you away but you wouldn’t allow it.
You held my hand and pulled me back in,
Twirling me, dancing with me..
Making me forget everything that had been weighing me down.
You helped me feel alive again.
We are still young and naive and to some that’s all they see..
But to me and you and everything that’s gone on,
I’d say our love is true, strong and unconditional.
Not a day goes by where I regret marrying you.
Looking into your eyes that stared back at me wildly amazed and delighted to be calling me your wife..
Saying I do, meaning forever.
We’ve had our ups and downs and rocky moments,
We’ve both thought of fleeing a time or two yes,
But, never regretting nor giving up.
You’ve seen me at my worst, but you’ve made me my best..
You’ve handled my pregnant hormones where I was a lunatic on a good day,
You’ve held my hand through the joys and struggles of parenthood,
We still learn something new every day.
We’ve been through deployments, months of missing each other,
And parental leave.. Being together more then apart.
We’ve worked through issues and compromised,
I’ve watched you give up drinking,
You watched me take on cancer.
We’ve rubbed each others backs through tears and joy.
I wouldn’t trade you for the world.
You are my best friend.
The father of my sweet children..
Our provider, our rock.
My husband- My love.
You’ve instilled a love into my heart I never knew was possible.
And I’ve become a person that I am proud to be.
You’ve domesticated this stray cat, but still let me be me.
You love me for me, so thank you;
I love you, in all your glory as well.
The crazy fool that you are that drives everyone nuts,
Makes me wild and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
So as you sail across the sea,
Think of me and these littles who are home missing you.
Patiently waiting for your return.
No matter where you go my love,
You are loved.
And no matter where you are,
I feel your love finding me.




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