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I want to thank Miranda for allowing me to take over guest post on her blog. My name is Sara, and I am a 29 (gasp) year old mother to one amazing tiny human, with an equally amazing partner in life.

We like to party, we like, we like to party match our outfits from time to time because what says I love you more than matching PJs?


Accidentally being so in tune that you all wear stripes. That’s what. (no I did not pick out these outfits and stage a photo op. This actually happened. By accident. And my child loves us, she is just a very serious individual. We call her “Blue” as in Steel. Is this possibly the longest use of parentheses ever? Discuss.)


I am a dancer, a studio owner, an accountant, and writer wannabe who always has something to say, and grateful for this platform to be able to say it. (Incoming shameless self promotion. Motion Dance Centre is awesome, go check us out on Facebook at

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Without further adieu, I am about to get long winded and mildly rant-y.

I have a wise, wise friend. Several of us were having a discussion about changing bodies and about not always being happy with those changes. She had this to say, and I just LOVE it:

“Your body is an amazing thing. The size you were when you were 3 is not the size you will be at 7, 9, 14, 19, or (God help me) 40. Your body does amazing things. It had to go through puberty, bearing children, and now it is trying to find itself. Who will it be??? There is nothing wrong with curves. Curves on curves make for a beautiful & unique creation. Finding the beauty in the new curves is the challenge. Part of your challenge today is to look at one part of you… be it your eyes, your ears, your legs, your boobs. Just look at it and focus on it. Look at your inner self and say “I love my right boob”. Or maybe its your left. Or your ear lobe. Are you smiling yet? Good. You are beautiful. You are loved. And you are you.”

Excuse me while I go cry all the tears, and write this down and save it to show to my kid one day when she inevitably hates her body. Society has women everywhere hating their body, hating their shape, wishing they could change it to look more like *insert photoshopped image here (and no I will not insert a photoshopped image of a perfect body because they are all unrealistic and rarely attainable through healthy means)* and try as we might to celebrate who we are and what each individual looks like, we STILL sit around and complain that we aren’t where we want to be. Because despite campaigns by Dove and skinny fit celebrities telling us they love cheeseburgers while wearing a bikini with 0% body fat, women are not buying it. Women are saying that yes, I love myself, and then STILL saying to their friends “oh I hate my thighs/legs/butt/stomach/insert body part here”.

I went searching for pictures to add here because y’all, I love a good picture. Here is one from 5 years ago:

blog 4

I really do love this human. He cannot make a normal face in a picture for the life of him and it is insanely attractive to me. We hiked Cape Split in and back and we didn’t die an we were so. freaking. HAPPY.


Here is pregnant me 4 years later. Note the uncomfortable smile. It could be the 70 pound weight gain pregnancy brought me. It could be the fact that there was a small life form kicking my bladder like a kid with a soccer ball. Lots of reasons to be uncomfortable during pregnancy, most justified, because uncomfortable comes with the territory of being blessed to grow a life inside you.

blog 6

Here I am just over a year from the pregnancy photo, hiding behind my daughter. Like literally, hiding. And trying to hide slightly behind my handsome partner and his adorable crooked smile. (Can you tell I love this man?)


Uncomfortable. Hiding behind my kid. Refusing to have the lower portion of my body photographed. (I swear she’s a happy baby!)


Told ya.

Back to my point.

I am a work in progress. I am doing the 21 day fix, I am finding new workouts to add into the mix, I am experimenting with what I eat and when I eat and how that affects how I look and feel. I am working towards a goal, and am excited by my progress. But my life is not a before and after shot. I do not want to be ashamed of my “during” phase any longer. I do not want to hide while I am working on me, and I refuse to sit around while friends of mine do the same.

SO HI THIS IS ME RIGHT NOW (actually it’s me 3 weeks ago, but right now I am at a desk writing and working and that doesn’t make for a very effective picture)


Women, STOP beating yourself up. STOP focusing on what is wrong and START focusing on what is right. Find that part of your body that you love, and tell yourself you are beautiful. You are unique. You are wonderful. Because you ARE! Whether you are a size 2 or a size 20, I don’t care. You are beautiful. If the issue is that you don’t feel healthy then guess what, there are tons of ways to fix that – ask me about how I got to a healthier place, and I am happy to share! But please. My fellow women. Lets love ourselves. Lets tell ourselves that we are enough, that right now, we are beautiful, and we are wonderful. It is ok to want to change your body and to get healthy, but it is not ok to hate yourself and say negative things about your body. If you want to change, lets change. But do it because you love your body, not because you hate it.

Love yourself. Today.

Until next time,

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