Miranda 2000

I am Miranda

I am 16 years old


I am a girl afraid of change

But change takes place

I am a perfectionist

But never perfect

I love going out with friends

But prefer to be alone


I like cozy slippers

And flannel pajamas

I like Silver more than gold

I am scared of the dark

But love the night


The future scares me

But it comes everyday

I love having friends

But I hate people who talk about you

When you are not around

I hate people who think they are better

Than everyone else, when they are the same


I love my job

But hate the hours

I want to be a teacher

But a Mother as well

I love children

But hate them


I do not like drugs and alcohol

But if you want to do them,

It is your choice.


I love doing my hair and putting on make-up

I love to dress up and look my best

But I love to be comfortable


I think I am pretty and thin

I do not care what anyone thinks

I like short skirts and tight tops

But I hate high shoes


I like a guy with personality

But not controlling

I love summer, beaches, and bikinis

I love short shorts and tube tops

But I hate sundresses


I want a man someday

With a diamond and gold band

I want a white dress

With flowers in my hair

But I want to grow up first

And make good decisions


I hate heart breaks and guys that cheat

But it is okay for me to do it


I want a true friend who knows me well

And understands me

I need someone to tell my problems to

And someone to laugh with

I want them to trust me

And me to trust them


I am crazy and weird

I like to act silly

I like to dance

But hate being in the spotlight

I hate people that stare

But I stare


I would rather read

Than watch T.V

I love to talk

But hate the telephone


I like who I am

And who I want to be

I have to be me

I like people for who they are

And I want the same

I do not care what anyone thinks of me

If you do not like me, it is your problem not mine


My name is Miranda

And this is 2000


**** This is a poem that I wrote when I was 16 and sounds just like me at almost 32. I found this last night when I was going through old school papers. I am amazed that it still sounds like me almost 16 years later.


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