First of all I’d like to thank Miranda for giving me the opportunity to write along side her. I love to write and have always considered blogging but haven’t before now. 🙂

A little about me:
My name is Rachel Parkhill.
I’m “a poet”. and “a photographer”. “a business woman”. and “a lesbian”. “I’m gay”. “and I’m straight”. “I’m a part-timer”. and a “full-timer” when I choose to be. I like love and I like you. It feels like I’ve lived a million lives but its only been one- Really wild. Growing up I was constantly moving. Home was never home. Boys were always “the one”. I’m 24 now but I’m 30, or 2 on the occasional day. I’ve actually found someone who makes me laugh and is crazier than I am so I “settled down” and “got hitched”. Became a “ball and chain”. 😛 I’m a mother to the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen and I love it. 6 years ago if you told me I’d be married now to a man in the military, driving around in a Kia with a support the troops sticker, coming home to my 2 babies and a house full of Toronto maple leafs stuff, doing crafts in my spare time.. I’d tell you you were nuts. But here I am in the world upside down and I’m a walking example to those who think they have it all figured out.
Life is better now than where I thought I was heading anyways.
I’m a married momma, a city slicker, but a valley girl at heart. I still dream of travelling the world but my littles are on my shoulders and my husband’s by my side.

Seriously though- I have NO idea what I will write about going forward. Probably a mix of everything. Whatever is on my crazy mind at the moment. A lot has gone on in my life in the past year. I got diagnosed with cevical cancer and had a hysterectomy in June. I’m currently in a clinical trial, so I’m still a mix of emotions. (Haha let’s get real here. I’m female. I have and always will be “in a glass case of emotion” 😛 ) but I am working through things. Take things one day at a time, I’m thankful for what I have and feel very blessed to have such a beautiful life. Cancer is a big scary word but its made me look at the world in a new light. People have shown me SO much kindness and this “cruel world” isn’t as cruel as I’d once envisioned it to be. Hoping I can raise my kids to be as kind as others have been to me. <3

Thanks for reading; I’m looking forward to writing more.

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