String Art

I was challenged one day by someone in my life. They saw a picture of a string art craft and said “Miranda you should make this!” So I did! It was an interesting thing to make, I thought Oh that will be easy as pie. Ha, not so much.

Materials needed for this work of art, sting, nails, hammer, wood, pencil, and lots of patience. I found a piece of wood and drew the letters of our last name on it. That was easy enough! Then came time to place in the nails, all those tedious little nails. I nailed in certain spots of each letter, but this is where it became a tad bit tricky. You have to have the nails placed in the right way so that when you put the string on it still looks like a letter. The rounded parts of the letter are the worst. I placed a nail at each point of each letter and then put a few down each line. When I started to put the strings on, I made sure to do the outline of the letter, so that you could actually see the letter, then I strung the sting from random nails to fill it in. After I did each letter, I decorated the board a bit, because I’m like that. It looked a bit too plain.

I hung my work of art in my living room. Challenge completed!


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