Christmas Planning


We are 4 months from Christmas and the planning has begun, actually it’s in the middle stages. See I do plan for somethings. It really is a case of we can’t afford it all at once and let’s buy it while it’s on sale. I don’t think that I am the only one that does this, I can’t be. In my defense, I also make a lot of my gifts which requires time. Planning becomes an important part of this.

I have book that has the people we buy for listed and the gifts that they will be receiving. A little over the top maybe, but necessary for me.

I have started the tradition of making a countdown calendar for my children and my niece/nephew. The calendar is filled with a small gift each day beginning December 1. It has various items in it such as crafts, books, and things to do. It is fun they enjoy it. My niece asked last year if we could start in September rather than wait til December 1. While that was sweet, it’s not likely going to happen. I get little gifts all year long for this calendar, its fun.

Does anyone else plan? This is one of the few things I plan for.


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