Rissers Beach

One of our favorite spots in our province is Rissers beach. It is a beautiful white sand beach on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. When you swim you swim in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s beauty is amazing. We often discuss retiring out there along the beach and the beauty of the south shore. However retiring is a long way away and truth be told, if all our children leave the province, we probably will too. Anyway, we love to camp at Rissers, we choose a different spot each year. This year we were in the North side of the campground in the “forest” area. Last year we had a spot right next to the water. Last year’s spot was the best spot. We camp, go to the beach, and take a nice long walk on the boardwalk. There is also a woods trail that goes from the campground to the beach, it is nice too.

I have some pictures to share. Enjoy!

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