Baby Talk?!? A decision


How does a woman know she is done having babies? Is it feeling? Is it when the thought of being pregnant again makes you crazy? Is it a financial thing? What is it? How do you know?

I have three children, all of which are girls. I am done, up until 2 weeks ago I was 100% certain. But now I don’t know. I keep wondering if we did indeed go for the fourth child if it would be that boy we wanted. I’m a bit certain that if we went for a fourth, in hopes for a buy, we would end up with twin girls. That would be how it would happen. But there is like 5% of me that says what if it was a boy.

Could I handle 4 children? Am I handling the 3 I have all ready? According the person who was yelling nasty words at me the other day, I’m not doing a very good job.

Could my body handle another pregnancy? Could we do the 40 weeks plus the labour?

Of course, there is the financial side. Could we afford another baby? Oh who am I kidding, you can afford it, if you want to make it work.

Then there is my sanity. How could I? There is such an age cap in my children already. The fourth baby would have at least a 13 year gap from its oldest sister. Many days I say this must be how you know you are done. When you soak up each and every stage of your “baby” but think to yourself “I don’t think I could do this again”

Having older children is fun too, they can do so much more. Having another baby takes away from the older children and the next phase of life. A baby requires so much attention; it’s hard to play basketball with the 12 year old when you have a 2 month old.

Ohhh, I just don’t know. How do you know I ask? How do you know?

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