Up Cycled Crib

It has happened! We are done having babies and our last baby has outgrown the crib. I am full of mixed emotions, both happy and sad. It is time to move to the next phases of or lives. After taking our crib down, I couldn’t stand the thought of getting rid of it, all three of our children used it. I left it sitting in our rec room for weeks, I know just let go. But I can’t.

I tried to think of all the different ways we could repurpose the crib. I thought of ever pin I have ever seen on Pinterest. There are benches, desk, and racks. Lots of options! We decided to make it in a desk for our rec room. Our girls are always doing crafts and a nice spot to do them would be great. Rather than having the craft stuff strung out on the floor.

I really didn’t do anything to wonderful to it. I just put the crib back up minus the one side rail and placed their containers of items on it. I am thinking that as time goes on and I see how the use it, then we will decide what the best way to organize it will be.

For now this solves my solution of what to do with the crib but what will I do when they outgrow the craft desk…..


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