An Interesting Adventure


      We love to go on family adventures together, we tend to go on a lot of them. But here is the thing, very rarely are they are ever planned. In terms of doing stuff I am not much of a planner. We got up one morning and decided we wanted to go and do something but we didn’t know what. Typical for us! I remembered reading a blog post about a blogger who went on an adventure using a coin, heads they went one way and tails they went the other way. We decided to try it. But my super special husband said, well what if I want to go straight. Yeah, my life! So we used a dice, 2 and 4 we went left, 3 and 6 we went right, 1 and 5 we went straight.

We set off on our adventure, we took our first shake at the end of our drive way. We ended up going around in circles and that was no fun. We made an executive decision to go to the highway ramp and continue our journey from there. We ended up taking a long journey around the province, and into a couple spots we had never been before. All was well until one of the girls shook the dice and we could no longer find it. That was the end of journey, we just went wherever from there. I am going to share some pictures from our adventure.

It was a fun trip, the girls want to do it again. Maybe we will sometime.



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