Fort Anne, Nova Scotia


We visited one of my favorite places this past weekend, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. I love the beauty of Annapolis royal it is picturesque. The old town feeling and the beauty every way you look. I am a history lover, and visiting places like this makes me something that I can’t really describe.

We visited Fort Anne and the Historic gardens. We missed out on Port Royal; the children were just too tired to go on. As always Fort Anne was wonderful and the historic gardens were breath taking. I have so many pictures to share from our visit. I will do 2 separate posts so that I can share many of our photos.

Fort Anne is a National Historic site of Canada. It sits along the Annapolis River, in Annapolis Royal. Centuries ago it Fort Anne was an area that was fought over several times by Scottish, French, English, and First Nations settlers. Through the years it changed hands several times as each battle was fought. It is an amazing piece of history, that I love to visit for its beauty and history.

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