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I was recently had the opportunity to purchase some beautiful pieces from Asher Grey Designs. Before I tell you about Asher Grey Designs, let me just say that I am in love with the 2 pieces that I purchased.

Asher Grey Designs is a custom, handmade and hand stamped business that is run out of the home of Destiny Theall. Destiny is a retired Cosmetologist of 16 years, who has been stamping metal and designing jewelry for 5 years. Her favorite pieces to design are personalized custom requests with meaningful stories behind them.

The piece that I orderd from Asher Grey designs, was a personalized custom piece with a funny, silly story behind it. I will share it with the world but let’s keep the judging minimal please. We have a bee theme in our house, that started one day when my husband (Sorry Steve, I’m going to share) put on a new pair of underwear that he had purchased, that were black and yellow striped like a bee. He thought it would be funny to chase our 3 children around the house, pretending to sting them. The bee theme was born that day and now our house has a bee thing, the girls try to find everything they can with bee pictures on it. One of the girls found a pair of her own panties that have bees on them; she stings everyone in the house when she wears them. The oldest has a bright yellow bee shirt with a stinger on the back, she stings us too. Yes, so bees are our thing. So when I had the opportunity to purchase a customized key chain for my husband, I jumped right on it. The key chain I had designed says “Daddys little stingers” with 3 round circles for each of children with a picture of a bee on them. My husband loves it, it is beautiful.

I also purchased a customized necklace for my mother in-law for her birthday. It reads “Thank you for raising the man of my dreams”. That statement says it all, I can’t add much more to it. Love that man, without him I wouldn’t have my little stingers.asher1

Asher Grey is constantly evolving, because as an artist, Destiny Theall is still trying to find her niche in the jewelry world. She is currently working on something special right now that is like nothing she has ever created. She is dabbling with gemstones, new metals, etching and decorative stamping, and is hoping this new line will set her apart from others that Metal smith. She has so many beautiful pieces, I urge you to check it out. You can find her on face book at Asher Grey Designs. She has so much to offer, you will not be disappointed.


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