Summer 2015

Summer is here! School is out and the kids are home. Our plan this year is a simple one, we are going to just take it easy and explore this wonderful province around us. The area in which we live is breathtaking, beautiful, and is very scenic. As we explore what our province has to offer this summer I am going to share what we have seen and found. Maybe we will find some hidden gems that we don’t know about yet.

We are hoping to make several day trips around the province. We also have a couple overnight campground trips planned. At the beginning of 2015, the kids and I made a bucket list of stuff we would like to do throughout the year. We are thinking while they are home for the summer with me, it would be a fun time to cross some items off our bucket list. Here you can find our bucket list,

I am looking forward to have the summer home with my girls; I enjoy my time with them. Such a wonderful blessing to be able to be Stay at Home Mom


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