Root Growth DIY



Over this past awful Winter, where the snow was about 10 feet deep and it was cold and it dragged on and on. Anyway during this time I lost ½ my hedge, yes that’s right ½ my hedge. It stinks, well actually it’s dead. After the snow had all melted and Spring finally started, I realized that my hedge was dead and I, of course, had more work to do. I set out to dig out all the dead hedge. Now that was fun, dug them with the shovel, broke 2 shovels, got out the Ax, listened to my husband poke fun at me, and finally got the hedge out. I forgot to mention that my hedge is made up of Forsythia bushes. In order to fix my hedge I would have to buy so many bushes at a price. Not Cool!


My husband always says we can cut the forsythias down and then plant the trimmings to make them grow into new big bushes. We have tried this unsuccessfully in the past, we just wasted our time. I decided to look into rooting hormone, but I couldn’t be bothered to go to the store to find it. Then read about it and then do it. So I researched it on google (sometimes a good spot and sometimes not) where I found a DIY rooting hormone. I decided to give it a try. The recipe was simple 2 cups of boiling water and 1 tbsp of honey, then let it cool down. Once it was cooled down the idea was to dip the bottom of the trimmed off piece into it and then place it in the ground. I did this with about 50 plants.


I did this about two weeks ago and so far so good. The trimmings aren’t dying, which is good. Hopefully they catch on and start to grow, I hate the thought of having to purchase plants for that much space.

We shall see, all we can do is wait…..




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