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filefolderThis next project is something that I have had in the works for the last couple of years. So I have this problem, I like to buy supplies to make things and then I don’t actually make them, I just go out and buy supplies to make something else. So like I said this project is something that I started a couple years ago and have just finished.filefolder2

I wanted something to store my children’s school work in, the few pieces that they would keep from each year. I wanted it to be nice, neat, and organized. I have some papers from when I went to school, but if it didn’t have a date with the year, I don’t know when it is from. I wanted our children to look back at their work and know when it was from. What I have done is taken 2 filing cabinets (I have 3 children) and I have given them each a drawer. The drawer will hold file folders, which will hold their school memories.


To start this project, I purchased 2 old filing cabinets. I didn’t care for the color of them so I purchased some paint to paint them. After they were painted and dried, I used stickers to put each child’s name on a drawer. The next step was the file folders. I have a folder set for each year the girls are in school, so 13 folders for grades primary to 12. On the front of each folder I pasted a piece of scrapbook paper; I also added a small piece of lined paper. On the lined paper I will write this information: Childs name, grade, year, and teacher. Actually I am going to have the child write their name, that way we can see how it changes from year to year. I am also going to stick a school picture to the scrapbook paper. I have added a picture of the file folders, so you can see what I mean with the front of the folder.

I am very excited to finally have this done, it is a project that I have been meaning to do for years and it totally helps us on our journey to be organized.

I have another project already brewing in my head from stuff that the children did prior to school age…… can’t wait to do it and then share it



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