Weekly Menu Board


One of my goals for a long time has been to create a meal plan. We are trying to cut back on food waste and food costs. I have tried several times to make one, and have been unsuccessful. Sometimes I get one made and follow it for a day; I have a serious case of disorganization and lack of commitment. I am working on that but for now let’s get back to our topic….

A weekly menu board, I have searched Pinterest for hours trying to find a meal plan menu board that I like the looks of but I could never found one. So I created a design in my head and started to plan it out but as I was creating it I didn’t like it. That was when I remembered that I had these chalkboard decals and chalkboard decals would be perfect for a weekly menu plan. They can be erased each week and look really cute.



Here’s what I created. I took a large canvas that I had a painted it blue. Once it was dry I added some ribbon and wooden decorations to it. In our house we have a “bee” thing, so I added bees to it, not very “adult” looking but I think it is super cute. Next I added the chalkboard decals; I added 3 lines of 7. So I would have breakfast, lunch, and supper for each day of the week.

I can’t give a cost on this project; it appears that I am a craft supply hoarder, so yeah… I had all the supplies on hand. But we won’t talk about that.

I am pumped to use my menu plan board and I hope that it helps us. I am hoping that I can get over my lack of commitment. Love it!

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