Our Adopted Apple Tree


treeVery exciting news from this past weekend, we picked out our adopted Apple Tree. The original story is here. The short story version is that for Christmas we adopted an apple tree for our children, they were pumped. So what the adopting of the tree means is that we get to pick it out, watch it grow, and pick the apples when it is time in October. We visited the farm this weekend, it is apple blossom season, and chose the tree that will be our adoptee. We had three varieties to choose from and we chose Cortland because of their shelf life and versatility. We learned lots from the owner of the farm, lots of new information that we didn’t know. Like they can and do rent bees to help pollinate the apple orchard. For an orchard her size, it only takes 6 hours for the bees to pollinate it. I questioned the bees when my husband and I were on our way home, how do they get all the bees back? Do the bees know they must go back to the hive? What happens if a bee gets lost? I must ask the orchard owner the next time we see her.

We learned some other information about the growth and care for the apple trees, and are interested to watch the cycle of growth and to learn more information. The next time we go out to the apple orchard there should be a sign with our name on it underneath the tree, so everyone knows it is ours.

Last year for Father’s Day, we purchased the husband/Daddy 4 apple trees to put in our backyard. Last year we got 1 apple from one tree. This year our trees are blooming very well and we are hoping to get a few apples from it.

Hooray for apples and for living in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

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