June brings Changes


June is going to bring so changes into our home. This past week we received some less than stellar test results back from the doctor. I am not going into detail about them but now is the time. We can’t change the way have been in the past but we can change and prevent more damage in the future. This is the optimist side of us; we are going to remain this way through whatever comes our way. We have decided that we can’t be anything less than optimist what is done is done and we can’t change it.

Each week I have been posting about Neat Freak, which are small goals that I hope to achieve each week. For the month of June our Neat Freak goals will go hand in hand with our health and the changes we will be making.

My husband and I are already on the diet train and have each lost some pounds, I have dropped 25 and he has dropped 15. We are excited about this, it was hard work but there is still more to go. We have been doing research on what types of food we should be eating and what vitamins/supplements we should be taking to help correct the nasty test results that were given.

Here is our thoughts for June, some of these things we have been working on for a couple months. That being said there is room for improvement and now is the time to perfect it.

  1. Fast Food- Gone. None of it. Time to stop eating that crap. We don’t eat a lot of it anyway but now we will eat none of it.
  2. More fruits and vegetables, less of the processed foods, candy, chips, etc.
  3. More homemade items, such as breads, muffins, rolls, etc.
  4. Less Juice, More water. This is mostly for our children, I didn’t realize how much juice they were drinking
  5. More exercise, more movement.
  6. Daily vitamins/supplements

In an instant life can change. It has for us, while we are remaining optimist, we will do our part to help make it better.

Here’s to June and a healthier life. Cheers!

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