The Christmas Gift that gives all year long-May


For anyone that doesn’t know about the Christmas gift that gives all year long, allow me to tell you about it. This past Christmas when my husband and I were trying to decide what to get for our children, we had a discussion about stuff vs experiences. We thought it would be better for them to have some experiences rather than just stuff. So we made up a 12 month plan for them that involved 12 different activities. They are sealed in an envelope and at the beginning of each month they open up the envelope to learn what the activity will be for that month. The first month of January, you can find the post here, we went to the clayground. I had told myself that I would update at the end of each month, which I have failed to do. We haven’t been able to do our activity as planned each month due to the weather and unexpected events that have occurred. We are trying to do the ones we missed for February and March, they are indoor activities so they would be good on a rainy weather day.

We have done our April activity, it was to visit the Zoo in our area. We went a couple weekends ago. We purchased a season Zoo pass, we are hoping to take our girls there lots this summer and into the fall. The zoo is very close to the Apple Orchard were our adopted Apple Tree is. We want to watch it blossom and see the apples as they grow, it will be awesome to go to the Zoo each time we are there.

For the month of May, the activity that we had planned isn’t an activity that we will be doing after all. So we are going to discuss it with our girls and let them decide what they may want to. I am curious to see what they come up with.

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