Exercise Dice DIY



As a part-time Early Childhood Educator, I make a lot of items. A LOT! I am crafty and creative anyway, so being with the children and getting to create with them and for them is wonderful. While I am working it is important to me to be able to entertain the troops, there is way less problems when they are entertained. The day just runs so much better.

One of the items that I made recently was a set of dice. I work with this group of children one day of the week and before we sit down for our morning circle or during it if they are fidgety and want to move around, we stop and do some exercises. When looking at the internet one day, I seen this dice that someone had created. I of course, decided that I must make some as well because that is how I roll.

dice1We call them “Exercise Dice”. To make my exercise dice, I found two empty cracker boxes. I used Premium plus cracker boxes because I could easily make them square. I also found some packing tape, construction paper, glue, a marker, and some scissors. To make my dice, I cut my boxes down so they were completely square. I am having a hard time trying to explain this. So I measured the box at the bottom, then took that measurement and marked it on the side of the box. That way it would be a cube. Then I cut the box from the top, but when I cut it I cut it so that I could leave a few pieces so I could fold them down to make the new top. Then I packing taped the box, so that it would keep the shape of a cube. I cut out 6 squares, in 6 different colors to put on each side of the cube. I wrote a different exercise on each one of the papers, I made 2 cubes, so the other one had numbers 1 through 6 on it. I glued the papers to the box and then covered them with packing tape. The packing tape helps to hold them on and keeps the papers from getting destroyed.

The children loved these dice they roll them and then we do what it says. They take turns rolling them, sometimes we do 6 jumping jacks, sometimes we do 3. They have a blast and it helps us to make it through.


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