Garden 2015



I made a post about our Easter Tradition and how our children get gardening supplies. On Easter Sunday we spent the day planting, planting, and planting some more. We are hoping this year to get our biggest garden yet.

We are very excited and I am going to post an update of our garden. The plants are growing like crazy and we can’t wait to get them outside. The snow is finally almost gone, yeah, I know it’s the end of April but I think Spring is coming sometime. Our plants are growing like crazy and I hope that we can keep them alive until the weather is warm enough to put them outside.

We are actually thinking of starting a second round of plants inside, just because the first batch did so we well. Then we can have extra fresh veggies and maybe we could share with the people around us. I have tons and tons of seeds, plus time to make a wonderful garden. Also our children are getting older and love to help with the garden.

My plan this week is to get out and weed our berry patch, it is awful and I didn’t really have an opportunity to do it last year. But this year since the weather is awful and I can’t start other gardening projects, I will start with this one. It is the very simple things that make me happy and the thoughts of a big garden.

Ohhh, there is nothing like a fresh picked tomato on a sandwich.




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