Butcher Block Finally



I am very happy to say that our new island top is finally done. I have always dreamed of butcher block countertops and we decided to DIY some. We are just trying them out on the island for now, after a few months if it is holding up to use, then we will change all the counter tops. I am so excited! It looks great in our kitchen.

To make the island top my husband used 2 large pieces of wood, I think we used pine. He wood glued the 2 pieces together and clamped them. He left them clamped for a few days to make sure the glue was totally dry. Then he sanded the top and he sanded and he sanded for what felt like forever. When he was done sanding he used a product for staining that is food safe, it is called Watco Butcher Block. He put on a coat of that stuff then he would give it a light sanding, he did that six times. We let it sit for a couple weeks to make sure it was good and dry. Then he attached it to the top of our island, you can find out about our island here.

It looks awesome, I am so happy with it. I hope it can stand up to daily use so that we can redo all our countertops like this one.


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