Garden decoration



I purchased a couple old windows so that I could make some decorations for inside our house but when I got them home and started working on them, I realized that I could not use them in the house. They had sat out in a barn for so long that they smelled awful. So I tried to think of different ways that I could use them outside. Here is what I came up with, a garden decoration to stick on the side of our shed.


The 2 windows that I purchased were a 6 pane and a 2 pane. I started with the 6 pane window. I broke out all the glass. Yeah let’s talk about how fun that is when you have phobia of broken glass, let alone breaking it yourself. But I got through it, I am impressed with myself. The window frame is pictured above. After breaking the glass all out, that was when I decided that I could not use these inside our house. I took the glassless window pane and nailed it to the side of my shed. From there I found some small wooden boxes that I had that would fit in each one of the panes. I was determined to not have to go buy anything, I only was able to find 2 of these boxes lying around our house. I nailed the boxes into the shed in one of the window panes, I put them into the bottom panes on each corner. Where I didn’t have a third box, I found a letter H, that was in my house. I had previously purchased and painted the H and had nothing to use it for, so I used it for this. I put the H in the top middle pane of the window. I haven’t decided yet if I love the H or not, but it looks pretty cute. I am not very good at describing this but the pictures will speak for themselves.


I am going to make a second garden decoration with my 2 pane window, I am hoping to get this one done this weekend. Yay!



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