DIY Solar Heat Panel- Part 2 f 2

Temperature of heat coming in (bottom number)

Temperature of heat coming in (bottom number)

You can find Part 1 here: How to make the DIY Heat Solar Panel

Installing the DIY Solar Heat Panel

I would recommend installing the panel on the south side of your house as it will be the warmest. We get the sun on our south side from about 9am to late afternoon, depending on the time of year.

Once the panel was together, Dad and I used ABS pipes to fit the inlet and outlet holes. We also had the fun of making the wife cringe as we drilled holes into the house to connect the solar heat panel. Not the easiest task to mount the panel to the side of the house, but we figured it out. At this point it was time to paint the outside of the panel black except for the glass…

Now, on the inside of the house, we needed a way to draw the warm air in and the cool air out. After lots of brainstorming, Dad had the idea to use a computer fan – great air flow and very quiet. That also meant we needed to power the fan. In keeping with the thoughts of off grid heat, we decided to install store bought 12 volt electric solar panels from the hardware store. I had wanted to hook them to a battery to store the power and use a thermostat to control the fan. This proved to be pricey not really necessary. I did not want the fan blowing if the air was not warm on cloudy days. After some experimenting, I found that 2 little electric panels would get enough energy from the sun to turn the fan. But when it was cloudy, the fan would not turn. So as it is now, when it is sunny and the panel heats up the fan draws warm air in.


It is not an exact science, and I am not sure how efficient it is, but it does work and free heat is good heat. All in all it was a fun project. Now if only I could convince the wife to have the whole side of the house covered in pop cans!





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