Ultimate Dream


Something about yesterday had my husband and I talking about the dreams we have for our future. Maybe it was the drive along the country side or maybe it was the day before we went and picked up some old windows from an old barn out in a very beautiful area. Whatever it was, it put us in dreaming mode.

When we dream about the ultimate house for us, it is not a great big brand new house, with the best of the best. It doesn’t have stainless steel or new hardwood floors. It isn’t located in the city or in a subdivision. It isn’t a “cookie” cutter house like all the others, it doesn’t have to have a paved drive nor does it need to look like the cover of a magazine. No, no, no!

Our dream house is old, unique, and country charming. We dream of an old farm house, with acres of land, no neighbors in site. We want a view that is beyond breath taking, a spot to sit and watch the sunrise (that’s more for me, if he never saw a sunrise he would be okay with that). Hayfields and farm land all around where our children (and grandchildren) can run and play. We have thought of having an old barn and a few animals, not sure about that really but maybe. My husband would love to have lots of apple trees and I want a large vegetable garden and of course, my clothesline. I need a large kitchen window to look out as I wash the dishes, it needs to overlook the fields. We want our country house to be rustic and full of country charm and love. We have often thought our house would be yellow with a massive wrap around deck and a porch swing. It all sounds wonderful! I can already see us sitting on the deck watching the sunset (he would rather the sunset) as we grow older.

Sitting in our long unpaved dirt driveway will be our Ford F-150 pickup, flame blue in color with an extended cab. It will take us on our adventures, our children will learn to drive it. I almost forgot the garage, there needs to be one of those. We need a place to store our motorcycles and toys, 4-wheelers and who knows what else. Hey, this is our dream!

Our house will be full of love, fun, and memories. Oh I’m not crazy, there will be upsets and arguments. We are raising three girls, come on now. But it will all be wonderful!

But first back to reality, we have a lot of past mistakes to take care of before we move on to the future. We will stay in our current home while we clean up the past and if all goes as planned it won’t be long until we are in another area in that big ole farm house where we can grow old.

What a wonderful life it will be, and I love that I get to spend it my crazy can’t have a normal conversation husband.


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