Why do I blog?


Recently during a conversation I was asked “Why do you blog? I don’t understand it” I am asked this question a lot, when people find out I blog. I have also found out recently that people who know me and see me everyday have NO IDEA that I write a blog. Even when I tell them that I write a blog they are just like Oh?!. Maybe they aren’t really listening to what I am saying.

So why do I blog? Because I love it, just like my husband loves to ride his motorcycle, I love to blog. It is a way to express what I feel and to share information that I have that others may find helpful. I have been doing this for two years this coming June and I enjoy it as much as I did at the beginning. When I write no one is here to interrupt me or to tell me that my opinions are wrong. I am sure along the line somewhere I will get a negative comment or two but that’s ok. I do understand that we all have different views and opinions.

When I first set out to write a blog, the women who has helped me along my journey, she said “People won’t understand why you are doing it, they think you are wasting your time”. Man was she right!? It’s unbelievable just how much support I don’t have, however I have found support from people that I don’t even know. You don’t have to understand Why I do it, there are many things people do that I don’t understand but who am I to judge.

It makes my heart happy to see one of my pins being pinned or a tweet retweeted. Something about makes me feel amazing, like I am finally doing something that people enjoy. I like if you google certain things, my name shows up and my pictures. It is truly a wonderful feeling.

I am in this for me. That’s it just me. It isn’t about anybody else. Just me! I love to write, I love to create, I love being frugal(or cheap, as others view it).

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