Calming Box


Calm down box? When you a need a minute…..? A break box? Cool down time? These are all potential names for the box that I have made for my daughter, I am not sure what to call it yet. I want a name that is positive with no negative attached to
Let me first explain what the box is, and then maybe you could help me come up with a name. One of our girls tends to be very emotional, okay who am I kidding they all are. But one is a little more than most and has a hard time to calm down. She gets so worked up and has not yet learned the strategies to regain control. So we have decided to make her this box in hopes that when she feels herself starting to get upset or angry, she can just grab the box and go sit on her own to cool down. We will know then that she needs some time alone. The box is meant to be a positive experience for her and is meant to help her out. We are hoping that she will be able to identify when she needs to use it, she may not at first but after a couple “events” she will catch on (I hope). We hope we are setting up for success and maybe when she older instead of smacking someone, she will know she needs to go grab a pen and paper and sit down, rather than the alternative.

What is in the box? I have added in stuff that interests her and that I know she will sit down and use. Stuff that she loves! In her box is some foam craft stuff that she can make, scented pens and a notebook, a school type book, and some foil art. As she uses the items up we will replace them with similar items. Simple items.

Now back to the original question. What will we call the box? I want something positive with no negative attached to it because this is not meant to be a negative experience. I am really leaning towards When you need a minute….

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