Easter Eggs


For the 1st time ever my children got to paint Easter eggs. I know, I know, so what?!? My oldest is 10 years old and never once painted Easter eggs. EVER!

I can’t bear the thought of buying a package of eggs to boil then paint and then throw out after they have been sitting for days. GROSS! What were my parents thinking when they let my sister and I dye eggs. What a waste of food!

So yeah, I was at the dollar store in our area when I stumbled across what I thought was a very neat idea. Paintable eggs that are fake. They look real and are in a carton. Great! I bought them for $2.00, a carton of 12. So for the first time n their lives my children got to paint eggs. We tried to dye them with egg dye but it didn’t show up well. So we used to some paint, it was fun, they had a blast. My favorite part, I wasted no food and they will be reusable. Yeah that’s right, I am going to wash the paint off so they can use them again next year. That’s just how I roll.



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